Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joe Dirt, the Tall Tale

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a Tall Tale that one of my students wrote that sounds vaguely like the screenplay for the movie Joe Dirt.  Here is the completed work, for your enjoyment:

"When Joe Dirt was 8 he had got lost at mount rushmore.  And 20 years later he was poor and he did not have any friend.  Until he saved karen puppy dog and she like him.  

Joe Dirt was starting his jurney to find his parents.  He had lost Kim and she was heartbroken. he had found an astrode but it turned out to be a pile of mud.  

Joe Dirt had saw his favorite car on sale.  an old lady said that he can have it and a storm came up and had to put rock in the hot air ballon.  and he had fell in it and flew to pensulvanya. 

Joe Dirt met 4 friend and they all were from different places and 2 got married and he found kim and they got maried and they had a baby boy

And he came to look like his dad and know one knows what happen to Joe Dirt.  next but I know he chaned the world a little"

27 pencils - $2.50
27 composition notebooks - $30.00
getting a glimpse into their little 10-year-old minds:  Priceless


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Theophilus said...

that was fun. thanks for that. maybe you should teach a unit on plagarism?