Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All Violators Will Be Prosecuted.....

.... to the fullest extent of the law.

Do you know what that statement means on our street? It translates into: break into anyone's house, steal anyone's car, pick up any prostitute and do any drug... no worries, you won't actually be arrested. As I write this, I must confess I am a bit jaded at our "justice league of Raleigh" aka the 5-0. It just seems that nothing is done to catch criminals. This does help me to understand better that God is the ultimate authority, and that our trust should be placed in no man.

So why are these thoughts swimming in my mind? This afternoon, our home was broken into. The following things were stolen: Nicole's week old Mac computer, $50 from Kristin, her bike, plus her smaller camera, and about $5.48 worth of change from my change jar (not sure if I'll recover from that loss...) They tried on one of my shirts and left it on my bed, but took off with the receipt and bag it came in. They grabbed Nicole's computer, but missed her Dell and her super nice camera. They grabbed Kristin's tinier camera, but left
her super nice camera. They searched Kristin's wallet for cash, but left the credit card right in it's little slot. They didn't take any of our jewelry, even though most of it was in open view.

Poucha witnessed it all, but she is a dog and can't tell us the events of the day.

Shortly after Kristin came home, we realized that the person either climbed in through Kristin's bedroom window, or they came in through Nicole's back door and then rigged Kristin's window so that they could come back in more easily later. There are a couple of people in our minds that are possibilities for who could have done this. We meet a lot of women on the street and one or two of them have come into our homes briefly. It's sad to think they might turn on us so quickly for money, but when you are addicted to drugs, I suppose nothing is more important than that in the moment.

It's super late, and I just wanted to write my thoughts before I forget them all. They are not eloquent, but they are my thoughts, which is, I suppose, the point of a blog in the first place.

.... Nicole just told me that the police officer and the fingerprint people are coming over right now, so perhaps there will be some more to this story...