Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Third Year

At the beginning of the year, I give my students a survey to fill out so I can get to know them better.  Here are some of their answers.  For the integrity of their answers, I did not correct any of the spelling or grammar issues.  I did add some notes of my own after a few of them :-)

If I could rule the world, I'd: 
-change to econmie 
-no murders will be availible

The best thing that happened to me last year:
-I got chicken as a treat

If I lived in another country, I'd like it to be:
-a cowgirl  
-a doctor (you're reading these correctly... still no country named yet)
-San Frasisco (still no countries yet...)
-Asia (still not there yet... but getting closer!)
-the owner of WalMart
-Hawaii (hey! even if it's not a country, at least it's spelled right!)
-with a lot of fun
(so, this is almost half my class... about 1/4 of them just didn't write a country.  i'd say it's time for a geography lesson)  :-)

My favorite place is 
-In the dessert on a camel
-Golden Coral

If I could change my name, I'd call myself:
-I would not have a name (we may have an "artist formerly known as" on our hands)

If I had $100 I'd:
-send my brother away
-give it to my parents
-give it to my mom 

Describe your classroom:
-organized, good learning environment
-big, organized
-it is very organized
-my classroom is very neat and clean 
-a neat, clean, and calm classroom
(I included this to show off God's goodness and to motivate me to keep it clean!  Those of you who know me, know that keeping a room clean is not one of my strong points...)

Describe your teacher:
-nice, fun, techful
-a nice, neat, and gentle

What was your biggest worry?
-of puting my backpack on the hucker. (i think he meant hook)

Name one interesting thing about your teacher:
-she likes to teach
-that she likes giveing people a chance
-her pet peev is when you spell a word wrong whent it shows the word
-she has terrific recess games
-he hated science growing up (apparently, i am a "he" now)
-she is really nice and funny too (sometimes I do a stand up routine for the kids.  not really.  but I have heard some of the students imitating the way I say, "Seriously?" when a kid does something they know they shouldn't do)

a few more random funny things that have happened:
-a student told me her favorite TV show is Dog the Bounty Hunter
-2 kids asked me if I wore a bump-it in my hair
-when asked how a math problem was solved, a student wrote, "useing my math skills."
-at recess, with a sigh, one student exclaimed... "i think i'm just gonna be single this year..."