Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Collection of Quotes and Funnies

I think I want to start blogging a "Song of the Week" based on whatever song that I hear my kids singing throughout the day.  Last week it was the song Bon Qui Qui sings on a Mad TV skit.  "On the mike is a queen, now listen to me sing..." Today it was, "It's a hard knock life..." all day long. Somehow, I don't think they've seen Annie... they are probably familiar with Jay Z's version.  ***I'm adding this sentence a few days later... I found out that they listened to the song in their music class when they studied Broadway, which explains why everyday students were singing it - it's an easy song to get stuck in your head. :-)

Today, one of my students walked up to me (always in front of the entire class when it's something controversial...) and he said, "Ms. Christie, check out my shirt!  It says, 'RIP' and that means, 'Rest In Peace.'"  "I see that," I said back to him (Nicole Wilson will be so proud of my choice of words there).  "Whose picture is on the front?" "Tupac."  It took everything in me not to say, "Are you sure he's really dead?"  Rap artists are probably not what the taxpayers are paying me to teach or hold debates about...

Conversation from the other day:
"Ms. Christie, can you help me get my watch on?"
"Sure, here you go..." (I proceed to fix his watch.)
"Thanks.  I'm not perfect at watches."  

Funny story from the other day:
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" (during the first part, I was very distracted, so I don't exactly know what she said) "and then I woke up and I had a Jamaican/French accent."  That got my attention.  "A what?" I asked.  She repeated herself.  Then she proceeded to say, "I forgot my book today" in a very British accent (as well as a kid can do a British accent when it's supposed to be Jamaican/French).  I said, "Don't you mean, 'I forgot my book, Mon?"  She didn't get my joke.  Not many of them get my jokes.  She talked in the British voice for the rest of the day.  :-)