Saturday, October 11, 2008

I feel pensive.

It may be because my roommates have both been gone since Wednesday, and I haven't talked that much.  I feel pensive, but I still don't have that much to say.  Here are a few stories of my week:  

I went to the mall earlier today, and before I shopped, I bought some chicken nuggets and a sweet tea.  As I was waiting to get my food, one of the girls behind the register passed out. There were about 5 people all around her, and 2 others trying to decide if they should keep taking orders like nothing was going on, or stop and turn around to help.  All of us (the customers) were kind of looking around as if to say, "I'm not sure if I should look at her, or if I should act like nothing's happening."  They called the mall cop over, and whether or not he was qualified to give medical advice, he gave some.  They got her off the floor eventually and into a chair, and then they rolled the chair into the back room.  I assume she is ok.  Then, when I sat down to quickly eat my chicken, I felt something really hard inside of the nuggets.  It was a bone. Ha!  At least we know that Chick-Fil-A uses real chicken.  

We have been studying tall tales in school, and I had my class write one of their own.  They worked hard on them all week, and when one of my students turned it in, I realized that he basically rewrote the entire screenplay of Joe Dirt, the movie.  I wanted to laugh so badly, but I just took the paper from him and said we'd talk more about it later.  It's in my classroom currently (and I am not), so when I get it, I'll have to type a little excerpt and put it on here.  

I enjoy teaching where I teach, and I get to hear a lot of fun things.  All the students have nametags with their names and my last name under that (to show whose class they're in).  One of my students had circled my name and point with an arrow to the word b****.  Nice.  We get to hear a lot of choice things like that.  We also get to hear a lot of new slang and we're pretty down with all the new stuff that kids are into.  Here is a conversation I had with another teacher last week:

"Zaire threw some chicken today."
"Really? (pause) Wait, what's that mean?"
"It means he threw a piece of chicken."  
"Oh.  I thought that was slang for something I didn't know about yet."
"No.  He just threw a piece of chicken."  

:-)   I think those short stories satisfies my writing quota for the day.  Until next time.  

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