Thursday, October 2, 2008

God is so faithful and kind...

Today, God reminded me how he cares for me even in small things... A few months ago, I got my mom's wedding ring fixed and I have been wearing it.  It's the most sentimental thing I have of my mom's and it's a representation (to me) of my family before divorce and death entered into it. So, yesterday at school, I took it off at our classroom sink to wash my hands and laid it down on the counter.  I didn't think about it even once until last night when I was almost asleep.  It was out of my control, so I just prayed that it would still be there when I got to school today.  When I got there, it was gone, and I got very upset... the maintenance guys looked in the sink drain (just in case a kid had knocked it into the sink), but it wasn't there.  I prayed that when I talked to my classes about it, God would move in the heart of whoever took it to return it to me.  When the kids all arrived, I tearfully explained why the ring was so important to me, and that whoever took it would not be in trouble, I just wanted it back.  I set up a spot on my desk for them to put it, and I wouldn't even have to know who did it, they could put it there when no one else was in the room.  When I was done talking to them about it, another teacher came in and told me that a girl told her that one of my students was showing all the other kids her "new ring" on the bus.  The neat thing is, even before I could speak to my student about it, she came to me and told me she found it and had taken it home, and it was still there.  I am so thankful that God moved her to tell me that she had it.  I drove her home today (my assistant principal suggested that), and met the lady she "stays with" and then my student brought the ring outside and gave it back.  I am thankful that God graciously gave this "memory" of my mom back to me, and I trust that God will also use this in the life of my student.  

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