Thursday, January 18, 2007



Well, I woke up this morning, and as I was getting ready for work, I thought I'd check outsid
e, just in case it actually snowed like they predicted. It did!!! I'm super excited about it! I've only seen snow once a few years back when I went to Alaska, and before that, never!! This was the first time my dog Poucha (or Precious, or Baby Girl, or Baby Dog Face, or just Face) had ever seen or touched it, so that was fun!

Before any of you begin to mock me, please understand that I realize this is not a lot of snow, and that in most places, no one would even take a look at the dusting on the ground. However, I'm stoked!

Now that I'm done with the disclaimer, on with the story :-) Since I didn't have to go into work, due to the icy roads, Kristin and I took a run around the block (out of sheer excitement...). I later threw some snowballs at Kristin as she rode her bike to work, then I threw some at Akasio's window (which he soon came out and pelted me right back with one as I wasn't looking...), and then I made each of our neighbors a mini-snowman... (pictured to the left... so I'm not a great snowman maker...).

I hope more snow comes, and soon! I have decided that I love snow. How did I ever live in Florida for so long?


Erin said...

I am glad you are loving the snow! It snowed here in Malibu and LA (just a light dusting like you have) and the locals went crazy! They showed one woman on the news who woke up her SICK child to come play in the snow. Way to make that child sicker. Some of the kids were in shorts and flip flops playing in it.... at least you have sense enough to put on the hat and coat!

Nicole Wilson said...

i love the fact that there are feet print all across the road... lolol. i have a mental image of the excitement that took place while I hacked my lungs out...


Ben said...

hey, this has nothing to do with snow, i just tagged you on my blog. go and read. thanks!

Ben said...

i am really pleased to know that you came to montgomery's indoor flea market to see sammy. i mean, its just like, its just like, its just like a mini-mall. the thing is that his commercial was on tv for 5 years before ellen got a hold of it... and it got old. but now its cool again because people like you come visit