Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No Rhyme or Reason

This blog is pretty much a compilation of random events I have witnessed over the last month or so, as well as other things that might come to mind while I write. For those of you who like order, be warned, this post will likely have none.

1. A couple of weeks ago, Kristin and I opened the cabinet to see what you see in the picture to the left. We weren't quite sure what it was that seemed to be taking over the upper shelf. You'd think we might try to investigate, but no, instead we kind of laughed nervously and shut the cabinet and didn't think about it. Looking back, I'm not quite sure why. Anyway, about 2 weeks later, Nicole called for me from the kitchen and said, "Um, Alicia, what on earth is growing up there??" My response of
course, was, "Oh yea
h, Kristin and I found that a few weeks ago." Silence took the place of the obvious question: "Um, and why is it still there?" We got it down and found that it was a sweet potato that had been left up there, um, a little too long.

This bottom picture shows what it looked like after encounter numero dos.

2. Sometime last week, I went outside one morning to see what the weather was like, and I saw the following:

This is the second accident that has happened in the last few months at this same corner. Both accidents were caused because someone ran that stop sign. Look both ways folks! This particular guy hit the telephone pole, and actually moved it back about 6 inches, our neighbors said. The other car is around the corner, and I didn't take a picture of it, so as not to appear too tacky (I'm pretty sure everyone was ok, or I wouldn't have snapped this photo).

You can really tell the spring is here and summer is on the way. There has been more activity on our street in the past 2 weeks than there has been in the past 5 months. Warm weather really plays a huge part in what happens. We're all looking forward to the people we'll meet over the next few months. Over the past week or so all the things I learned about helping others last year came rushing back into my mind. I'm still glad I live here.

3. I no longer work at Bartlett Tree Experts! I got a teaching job! I will be teaching kids one-on-one when their discipline issues keep them from staying in their classroom. This sounds difficult, but I am really looking forward to it! I have insurance now! And I like kids, so I think I will thoroughly enjoy this job. Because I took this job, inevitably, my last day at Bartlett Tree Experts was Friday! No more receptionista Alicia!

I think the thing I will miss the most is the bathroom. I think Tangerine (or Tarangatang as a dear friend once said...) is the best word to describe it. It took about a month for my retinas to get used to being blinded each time I walked in, but the color kind of grew on me over time. This is a picture of the actual bathroom wall. See you later, Bartlett!

4. Ok. American Idol. Every year there's a kid who just can't seem to be voted out. I've only been watching since Season 3, but let's recap from there. There was John Stevens, who Nicole Judd and I were pretty sure was in the mafia, because we deemed there no other possible explanation for why he was still on the show. Season 4, Anthony Federov. (Look him up. I had to, because I couldn't remember that year very well). Okay, Season 5, Kevin Covais. Chicken Little himself, as American Idol referred to him. While he was precious, he was not cut out for AI, and yet America just kept voting him on back every week, while super good singers were being kicked off. Now we come to the current season, Season 6. Oh, Sanjaya. For crying out loud. Speaking of crying, check out this little girl's reaction to Sanjaya. Is this simply some intense Beatle-fan-like craziness, or is she just seriously upset that he's back yet another week? You decide.


Nicole J. said...

The sweet potato you found in your kitchen cabinet is scary looks like an alien type thing is trying to climb out of that basket!!

youknowmebenrobinson said...

3 things:
1. potatoes will do crazy things when left unattended. i won't even tell you about what happens if you wait longer to throw them out.
2. warm weather will straight up make a ghetto come alive cause grandma house is HOT!
3. we quit watching AI because of sanjaya