Tuesday, January 9, 2007

For there is no distinction...

So, I forgot my password for about a month and a half… but I know it now! :-) I want to update this more regularly, with prayer requests and funny stories, etc… Several things have changed since the first and only time I posted a blog.

A) Kristin, Nicole, and I moved into the house next door. We love it!! There's a real dishwasher and a separate room for laundry! We are thankful for the newfound space we all have in this house, and we want to use it for the glory of God. Come over and hang out if you're in the neighborhood :-)

B) The crack house down the street was busted. This caused most of the prostitutes to leave, since they basically only prostitute themselves to support their drug habits… we have mixed emotions about this. Our desire is for the drugs to be gone from the neighborhood, but it also takes the girls we were getting to know out of our sphere of communication. It is a lesson in trust that God is in control and will continue to work in their hearts through other people, we pray.

C) Our friends Ben and Akasio moved into the place Nicole and I used to live. That makes 7 guys living next door, which I think helps all of our parents to sleep better at night. We are thankful for the fellowship, as well as the added aspects of accountability, encouragement and safety.

I really wish I would have been doing this blog for a long time, as I thought through the past 7 months and all that has happened. Some general things that have happened recently on our block are: drug deals, Bible study, murder, being banned from the Super Dollar (if you want the rest of that story, just ask...), prostitution, great conversations, peeping toms (well, tom-ettes actually…), car theft (see Casey's Blog) and a whole lot of learning. The most important thing I have learned recently is found in Romans chapter 3. It’s right before a very popular verse. “For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by His grace as a gift…” I am awed and humbled by this. There is no distinction between myself and the prostitute. Between myself and the thief, between myself and the drug dealers or users. None. I am thankful for that reminder. May I never forget.


Ben said...

hey now! i am all about what you are doing and i want to be a witness to it... so blog your heart out!
and the Word is true! there is no distinction. none are good.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey pretty girl! It's been so long! It sounds like you are up to very exciting things out in NC. We should catch up sometime. Did I tell you I'm getting married in April? I'm amazed by that. AND one of my good friends from college moved out to New Jersey to be an associate pastor and it turns out he's taking a seminary class with Chris Collins. Isn't that crazy? Well, I'll let you go...your house is so cute by the way, and congrats on the dish washer! I know that's a big blessing :) have a good one,

Amy Ledbetter
your best china pal

Amy Katherine said...

yay, you inspired me!!